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Stewarding Services

Your Trusted Partner for Stewarding Services in London

As well as a full events security package we can also offer bespoke stewarding services for your events across London and the South East. Our team have a depth of experience and utilise advanced technology to keep events safe and running smoothly. We know the challenges of securing diverse venues and are dedicated to providing exceptional service customised to your requirements. Partner with us for enhanced stewarding services and peace of mind.

Why Choose Our Stewarding Security Services?

Our team have nearly two decades of experience and follow strict training and SIA-approved standards. Our team is trained to mitigate security challenges and keep your event running smoothly.


Our team is made up of skilled professionals who are trained to handle crowds, control access points, and respond quickly to safety issues.

Proactive Approach:

Stewarding is different from regular security services. Stewards interact with event attendees to create a safe and fun environment while also keeping a proactive eye on crowd atmosphere and behaviour.

Custom Solutions:

We know that every event is different. That's why we work with our clients to create personalised security plans that meet their specific requirements and risks.

Commitment to Excellence:

We strive for excellence in everything we do. We are committed to providing a high level of service with professionalism, and reliability at all events we are a part of.

Our Stewarding Services

Event Stewarding

Expertly manage crowd control, ticket checks, and access points to keep your event running smoothly.

Crowd Control

Expertly manage large groups to ensure safety and order by strategically positioning and communicating.

Emergency Response

Prepared teams are ready to quickly respond to any incident to keep things running smoothly and ensure safety.

Mobile Patrols

We monitor for threats and provide proactive intervention.

Risk Prevention Measures

We work with you to develop and implement comprehensive emergency response plans, ensuring your business is prepared for any situation.

Advanced Tech Solutions

Our advanced access control solutions ensure that only authorised individuals can access sensitive areas of your corporate environment.

Expert Team and Training

N5 Security has a top team of security experts in London. We carefully choose only the best candidates. Our team is always learning the latest security methods and technologies for different events. Everyone on our team has an SIA licence, so they meet industry rules. With our skilled team, your event security is secure, letting you concentrate on hosting a great event.

Risk Management

We focus on mitigating risks to keep events safe and fun for all patrons and stakeholders. We assess each location and type to find vulnerabilities and create plans to mitigate risks. We use technology to monitor situations and adapt quickly when required. Our staff are well-trained in emergency response to quickly handle any situation and keep everyone safe.


frequently asked questions

We offer security services for events and venues such as concerts, festivals, sports events, corporate gatherings, hotels, restaurants, bars, stores, schools, government functions, and entertainment productions.

We keep people safe at big events by planning carefully, managing crowds effectively, and using proactive security measures. Our stewards are trained to handle situations, keep things in order, and respond quickly to emergencies to make sure everyone stays safe.

Yes, we offer VIP security services for important people at events. Our security personnel are trained to protect VIP guests discreetly and professionally, keeping them safe and private during the event.

We have plans to respond to security issues during events. Our stewards are trained in emergency procedures and can quickly and effectively ensure attendee safety.

Yes, we provide access control solutions for venues to control entry points and secure restricted areas. Our stewards are trained to handle access control systems, check credentials, and enforce access restrictions as needed.

Our stewards are trained to manage crowds at busy venues and events. They use proactive engagement, clear communication, and strategic positioning to keep attendees safe and ensure things run smoothly.

Yes, we use high-tech security tools such as CCTV cameras, RFID access control, and communication devices to make our security services better in London. Our stewards are trained to use these tools effectively which helps improve security and safety.

Yes, our stewards are trained to handle conflicts and sensitive situations during events. They are trained in conflict resolution, communication, and customer service. Our team resolves issues quickly and effectively to ensure a positive and safe experience for all attendees.

We recommend booking our stewarding security services as early as possible to ensure availability and allow time for thorough planning and preparation. However, we understand that last-minute requests may arise, and our team will do our best to accommodate your needs whenever possible.

Yes, we can give you references from our past clients who have used our security services. Our clients say our team is professional, reliable, and effective in securing events.

Our stewards have the right qualifications and certifications including first aid training, and crowd management certifications. They are trained professionals and receive ongoing training to maintain high security service standards.

In our VIP security services, keeping things private and being discreet are very important. Our stewards are trained to always keep our VIP clients’ information private and respect their privacy. They make sure to be discreet and act professionally to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for your important guests.

Yes, we provide security planning and risk assessment services for events. Our team of experienced security professionals can identify threats, vulnerabilities, and create customised security plans for your event.

Yes, we offer continuous support and communication during events. Our stewards are available to address security concerns and emergencies, making sure the event runs smoothly and securely for everyone involved.

At N5 Security, we stand out by being excellent, professional, and making sure our clients are happy. Our team is approved by SIA and we use advanced technology to provide top-level security for events and venues. This makes us a trusted and reliable security and safety partner.

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