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At N5 Security, we know safety and security are very important today. We are the SIA-approved Security Company in London. We promise to give the excellent service and peace of mind to our clients. Our security solutions are made to fit the specific needs of each sector we work with, providing a bespoke solution with your needs at the centre.

Our Services

Services We Provide

Corporate Security

In business, your most important resources are your assets, information, and people. N5 Security is an ACS accredited security services provider in London, focusing on protecting your business from threats with effective security strategies.

Construction Security

We understand the construction industry has specific security challenges, our measures focus on protecting assets, managing access and ensuring site safety. N5 Security focus on providing security solutions for construction sites to prevent theft, vandalism, and unauthorised entry.

Retail Security

We provide a tailored approach to retail security services. We protect your store, employees, and customers to make sure everyone has a safe shopping experience by implementing mitigation measures that complement your in-house theft and shrinkage mitigation strategies

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Service Process

At N5 Security, we have a simple process to ensure a high-quality service. Our team will work with your team to understand your security requirements, create a plan that works for you and carry it out with care and expertise.

Choose Your Service

Choose from our bespoke security services for retail, corporate, events, construction, stewarding, and cleaning. These services are customised to fit your business or event requirements.

Make An Appointment

Schedule a consultation at your convenience. Our experts are ready to meet with you to discuss your security requirements and outline the next steps.

Pay Your Service

Easily pay without any problems. We have different safe payment choices to fit your preference, making sure transactions are safe, easy and simple.

Work Together

Collaborate with N5 Security, once your service commences, we will work collaboratively to ensure our service meets your specific requirements and adapt if necessary.

Our Journey

Trusted by 750+ happy customers who are using our Services since 2001

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Local Expertise

Headquartered in London we understand the local security challenges and work with partners in our area to contribute to the safety and security of the communities we operate in.

Professional Team

Our security team is well-trained, engaged, and dedicated to service excellence. At N5 Security, we make sure our staff are deployed with the tools, knowledge and support to give our clients and communities with the best possible experience.

Customise Solutions

We understand that every client has different security challenges. We are proud to provide personalised solutions that meet your specific concerns and requirements.

Commitment to Excellence

We work collaboratively with our customers to ensure they get the best out of working with N5 Security. We work hard to go above and beyond for our clients, keeping you, your people and assets protected.


What Our Client Said

My experience with N5 Security Services has been outstanding.

 I’ve had great support throughout every step of the process from requesting security to staffing and invoicing and follow-up. N5 team answered all my questions and responded to my requests immediately. Having the ability to make one phone call when it comes to security staffing allows me the opportunity to focus on the many other areas of my role”


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Are you looking to improve your security with a reliable company? N5 Security offers customized security solutions for various needs. We can help secure retail spaces, manage events, or protect corporate environments with top-tier service.

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