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Booking a shift

Booking a shift

We will soon be updating our system but for the time being you can book and confirm your shifts Via the N5 team Whatsapp group.
Download whats app here:

Once your application has been accepted you will be added to the whatsapp group.
Jobs will be posted in this chat.
In the chat you can request to work the shift.
If you have been successful you will receive a confirmation message with all the details for that shift’s assignment.

This runs on a first come, first serve basis.
The first people to respond to the job offer will be the first selected for the shift. 

If you have responded but the shift is already full, you will then be placed in a queue, If someone drops out of the shift the queue will move forward and an extra person will be notified that the shift is available.

Let's Chat!

Typically replies within a hour

Welcome to N5 Security! Please leave your details so we can respond to your enquiry as soon as possible, even if you are no longer on the site. Alternatively please call our office/control desk on: 0703 930 0702 OR Email us at: We will be in touch soon, Many thanks